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$ 1,515.00 - $ 1,720.00

Made in America

This arcade company has found a solution for those customers who cannot afford or fit a 300 pound arcade machine in their basement. Not to mention, they only play one game!

They created a "Wallcade" that is a unique, wall-mountable arcade cabinet designed to give the full arcade experience while mounted to the wall or on your table top. Their Arcade units are handmade in Chicago and include a list of features that you won't find on other custom arcade machines.

These arcade games play most of the classic systems; NES, SNES, Arcade, Nintendo, Sega etc. This arcade includes a link to over 3800 games, including all of your favorite classics and you can even add additional games at a later time. The computer inside the unit has all the game files on a usb drive. You can take that usb drive out and place it into your computer and copy compatible games to the drive.

This system has a custom graphic theme choice and a LED back-lit Marquee with an option for LED Buttons. It is a 2 player set up with 2 joy sticks and 20 buttons, including; 12 action buttons, 1 coin insert, 1 start button (sold white with player icon), 1 exit button, 1 game reset, 1 save and 1 load. 

Check out the boot up demo here:  https://www.basement-arcades.com/video/menu-select-demo.mp4

-4 player option available with wireless gamepads. The upgrade cost for 4 player is $75 and that includes two compatible wireless PS2 style gamepads
This will give access to additional 40 simultaneous 4 player games like xmen, simpsons, sunset riders, etc. Player 1 and 2 use the joypanel, player 3 and 4 use the gamepads.


-Please email sales@delta-13.com if you are interested in Custom Graphics

-Dimensions & Weight: 34"H x 23"W x 15"D at 45lbs

-22" LCD Monitor

-LED Button option (Extra)

-Includes: "French Cleat" wall mounting bracket rated for 200lbs, rubber feet to prevent sliding or scratching tables and a plug fed through the bottom panel to be as hidden as possible without hindering wall mounting

- 6 month warranty

 -Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

How to mount to the wall

The arcade unit includes a wall mount hanger rated at 200lbs, with one side already mounted on the back of the arcade unit. The other hanger will be the piece you mount on your wall. These mounts are very strong and offer very easy adjustments for centering your arcade unit. The add weight rating should be enough to withstand forceful play from both kids and adults, but always play responsibly and monitor children.

We also include a wire mount as a backup system, but it is not recommended to be used and the only mounting option. This is more for a backup protection from injury or damage should the unit ever fall off its mount.


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