Hickory Game Table

$ 3,000.00
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$ 3,000.00

Made in America

The owners are based out of Minot, North Dakota and they create custom built unique tables and furniture.

This table is handmade of solid hickory wood. The flip down sides on this table measure 4" by 21". These sides are mainly used for card and token based games. The rail around the table is 1.75" wide, so you are able to sit right up against the table. The playing surface measures 36" by 59" and is made from black velvet with an underlayment of foam that measures less than 1/8" thick. The reason for the velvet and foam is that it creates a nice smooth feel and makes it easy to pick up cards. 

The pull out dice trays and have the option for jumbo cup holders, big enough to hold beer glasses! Another custom option is the LED light strip around the table.  This is an RGB light strip that has up to 22 different color options!

-Wood: Hickory

-Dimensions: 3 ft X 5 ft with a surface play of 36" X 59".

-Ship time frame is 3-6 weeks depending on the order load.

-Made in America 


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