Custom Granite Fire Pit

$ 1,300.00 - $ 3,800.00
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$ 1,300.00 - $ 3,800.00

Made in America

This company makes custom granite fire pits from recycled stone from past jobs as a stone fabricator. Instead of the unusable pieces being thrown away and dumped into a landfill, they are saving the beautiful stone and turning them into unique and custom works of art. All fire pit units are 100% "Green" made, environmentally friendly, and will last a lifetime! The natural granite will withstand harsh weather, UV rays and heat.

The stainless steel insert is an added option in the drop down menu. Instead of the metal insert with the burning wood in the fire pit, you can hook up a stainless steel insert to a propane or natural gas line and have it automated. We also offer the option for either lava rock or fire glass. 

Each unit is a mix of light and dark colors in the base. Customers can choose light or dark on the top layer in our drop down menu. All pieces on the top will be the same.

Delivery included in the price!

- Fire Pit Sizes include: 36" Round, 42" Square and 48" Round

- Materials: granite, stone, quartz

- Includes adhesive for assembly, instructions and a diagram. This listing also includes the wood burning metal insert. 

**Assembly Required: All sizes are outside dimensions. Inside dimensions are 12" smaller than outside. Standard height is 12". The fire pits will arrive on a pallet shrink wrapped to the customers location. They will need to assembly the unit which is very simple and straight forward. No cutting or fabrication is needed. Installation instructions and a diagram will also be sent. Most units take about 30 minutes to assemble for completion.


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