Cook Pipe & Woodworks: Industrial Shelving

$ 340.00 - $ 785.00
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$ 340.00 - $ 785.00

Made in America

Cook Pipe and Woodworks started with an idea for a set of shelves made with pipe in their living room. After sharing the results with friends, they started making shelves for other people and the business took off! 

Add stylish organization, modern design and functionality to any basement with Cook Pipe & Woodworks Industrial Shelving. These shelves make great statement pieces in your Bathroom, Media Center, Basement, Man Cave, Game Displays, Game Room, Office and the list goes on!

These shelves are made using hand selected lumber that is cut to dimension, plane to custom thickness, pre-drilled mounting locations, and then sanded to a smooth surface. After this, you choose your stain color and each piece is sealed with a polyurethane. 
Next, each pipe is assembled and the mounts are custom paired and matched to each shelf. The mounts are spaced to the interior stud widths for mounting.

3 Shelves
-36” Wide, 10” Depth, Industrial Pipe Shelf Unit - Ceiling/Wall Mount
-Dimensions: 36”W x 10”D x 50”T, - 14” Spacing Between Shelves, Shelves are 1.25”T (Approximate)

5 Shelves
-54” Wide, 12” Depth, Industrial Pipe Shelf Unit - Wall Mount
-Dimensions: 54”W x 12”D x 70”T, - 12” Spacing Between Shelves, Shelves are 1.25”T (Approximate)

-Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipment

-Materials: Wood, Steel Pipe, Stain, Polyurethane, Wood Screws, Wall Anchors, Lumber, Pipe, Handmade, Handcrafted Woodwork

-They include color matched wall mounting screws (2.5"), but not wall anchors. Assembly Instructions are also included.


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