Breaker Box

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$ 60.00

Made in America

This is a family owned company that brings their passion for creating rare novelty products to their customers to enjoy. The Breaker Box is a 10 X 5 X 4.5 emergency box that is manufactured 22 gauge metal that is powder coated. The bottom of the display has cushioned feet. 

The displays are a great item to add a little humor to you bar. These make great gifts for men as you can fill them with anything you want! The contents pictured inside the displays are not included, but are great ideas for you to fill your box with.  Hang the Breaker Box on a wall or set it on a desk, credenza or any other great spot you have!

The perfect gift for any occasion and used in the Warner Brothers Production of the Christmas Story Live on Fox starring Matthew Broderick and Maya Rudolph.

There is a pending patent on the removable back panel, with its ease by removing only one small screw.

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-Made in the USA

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