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This company began when the owner was tinkering around one day and created a clock from an old computer hard drive. He showed a few people who were quite impressed and he never looked back. From old computer hard drives, he moved onto old mother boards and other cool, interesting parts of old computers. Then, while repairing his road bike, he had the idea to recycle bicycle parts and make clocks out of them. Shortly after, records and record players and anything else he could make into a clock. 

"Every clock I make is an original with a history that we can only imagine. Every ding and dent tells a story. My clocks are not just time pieces but story tellers." -Owner

This bike wheel clock was created from a recycled aluminum bike wheel. The wheel mounts directly to the wall through the hub using a hollow wall anchor, which gives the illusion that it is floating off the wall. The clock movement is a high torque quartz movement and is attached to a set of rear cassette gears to conceal it.  This clock will make a great conversation piece on your basement wall and will be fun to look at when your wondering what time it is!

- These clocks are made from real recycled bike wheels, so they are not perfect, they have some imperfections.  

- Materials: recycled bike wheel, recycled bicycle gears, new quartz clock movement, aa battery and mounting hardware.

This wheel measures 25 inches in diameter. 

The clock runs on 1 AA battery, this is included.

- Made in the USA

- Ships in 1 week


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