Beer Light

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$ 42.00

Made in America

The company who designed this beer light has fifteen years of manufacturing and logistics experience. They solve problems necessary to bring unique and fun products to market. They want products that last, so they assume their customers do too!

This LED Beer Light shape is a mug of overflowing beer. The acrylic glass is etched to create dimension, bubbles and illusion of a real beer. A layer of white foam is painted on the piece after the etching process to create a more realistic freshly drawn draft.

The Beer Light sits on a black acrylic coaster with embedded amber LED lights that project upward through the etched material to create the look of the bubbling beer.

This Beer Light is 8" tall and 6" wide. The Beer Light has a 5' power cord with an on/off toggle switch.

The Beer Light looks best in a semi-dark to dark environment, but can also be displayed during the day. This is the perfect addition to your basement bar wall! 


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