Bottle Cap Holder

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$ 33.00

Made in America

This bottle cap holder was handmade in Southern California.  The owner has always enjoyed being creative, especially with woodworking.  A few years ago, he created a YouTube channel documenting his DIY projects around the house.  One of his most popular videos was building an acoustic iPhone speaker. Soon after going viral, people were asking where they could purchase one. His company was born and since then, has added additional custom wood items for purchase.

This wood bottle cap holder is great for displaying all your beer caps. This is a hand painted black wooden box with the word BEER cut out on the face. Chicken wire is attached on the inside to secure corks. There is a 1-1/8" hole on the right side panel to put your bottle caps in.

Once the bottle caps go in, it will be hard to get them out, so make sure you are done with them when you do! This is a perfect addition to any mancave bar area.

-Box dimensions: 16"L x 6"H x 2-1/2"D. 

-Please allow 6-8 business days for shipment.

-Made in USA


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