Baseball American Flag

$ 1,500.00
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$ 1,500.00
Made in America
This company is Handmade Awesomeness where 10% of their online sales are donated to Women's & Children's Shelters. Their company utilizes reclaimed materials to make one-of-a-kind pieces, handmade in Metro Atlanta.

Nothing says, "God Bless The USA" like a US flag made out of 10 baseball bats and 50 baseballs.

They want you to think about the history in this home decor piece. How many of these bats hit a home run? How many of these balls were someone's first base hit or were used in a double play? Thinking about where these bats and balls were used, makes this piece that much better! Who wouldn't want a unique work of art like this in their basement?

-Dimensions:  38" tall x 62" wide. Approximately 60 lbs.

-Please note that no two decor pieces are exactly alike, each one will vary slightly

-Materials: baseball, baseball bat, flag, paint, wood

-Made in the USA


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