American Flag Magnetic Bottle Opener

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$ 55.00

Made in America

This company creates handmade wood products for your home.  The owner went to school for mechanical engineering and always had a passion for making things. They are based out of their home and a local makerspace in Baltimore.

They created this custom handmade magnetic bottle opener with the American Flag on it, designed to mount to your wall. This deluxe bottle cap holder will hold up to 40 caps at one time!

The wood options include; Maple (lightest) , Cherry (medium) which is pictured, or Walnut (Darkest). The American Flag is engraved using a CNC laser engraver and cutting machine. This item is finished with a protective water resistant coating, rustic bottle opener, magnets, wall anchors and screws for mounting the bottle opener to your basement wall. 

-Materials: Wood, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Magnet, Bottle Opener and Hardwood.

-Dimensions: 9" Tall

-Ships in 1-2 Weeks

-Made in America


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