50 Caliber Bullet Chess Set with Steel Board

$ 700.00
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$ 700.00

Made in America

This company has over 26 years experience in handcrafting here in the U.S.A. in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. With their 50 caliber bullet chess set, you will see authentic, custom and original designs with high quality craftsmanship.

The board is constructed from 1/8 inch flat steel squares welded to 1/2 inch square bars. Each board square is individually cut, prepped and welded to the steel frame and finished off with a set of felt pads underneath. The board is signed, dated and serial numbered. 

The light squares are polished natural steel, and you will notice many natural effects in the steel. The dark squares are hand painted black and scuffed for a weathered effect. The entire set is then coated with clear polyurethane.

The pieces are made using .50 caliber bullet shell casings, pin tumbled polished and decorated with cuts, slashes, curls and bends. Dark pieces are painted black and wire brushed on the top and bottom to reveal some of the brass.

-Board size:  13 1/2  x  13 1/2  x  1 1/8 inches

-Piece size: The height of the pieces range from  1 3/16  to 3 7/8 inches

-Pieces width: Base: approx 7/8 inches

-Weight: 17lbs

-The processing is 2 weeks before shipment on your order and maybe subject to back order.

- Ships fully insured

- Made in the USA


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