Illuminated LED Bottle Display

$ 121.00 - $ 131.00
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$ 121.00 - $ 131.00

Made in America

This small business has been producing programmable high quality, LED illuminated display products since 2004.

They are known for having the thinnest acrylic shelf on the market, at only 3/4” thick, with a standard shelf width of 4.5", but it can be customized to any width and length desired.  Should you require a different size, please contact Delta-13.

You can place these on top of an unlit bottle tier display, existing bar or shelving. You could also mount this to a wall surface. The light Shelves feature bright, color-rich LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 working hours!  The Universal Wireless Remote Control comes standard with 20 color presets and 6 DIY buttons to program your own custom colors!

Upgrade your old liquor shelf to a customizable LED light up liquor shelf. What a perfect way to display your alcohol in your man cave!

-Extra Option: Add a Daisy chain for $10 to connect up to 16 feet of Liquor Shelves, using one power supply and one wireless remote. The power is a standard 12 volt. 

-Measurements: 24" in Length, 4.5" Deep and .75" Thick.

-Bottle capacity of the 2" shelf is 6 alcohol bottles. 

-Please allow 1-5 business days to ship.

-Armana offers a 2 year warranty on their products parts and labor.

-Made in America


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