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"Giving new life to old wood, Reclaimed and Re-purposed." -Wood Design Company This is a family business of husband and wife, baby and two dogs out of Virginia Beach! All of the work they do is hand carved, hand painted and they only...

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 This small business is located in Albany, New York and is a furniture manufacturer that specializes in customizable tables, barn doors, wine storage, bars and housewares. They build custom hand crafted furniture with many different styles from traditional, rustic and industrial. They provide...

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The creator of the rustic bar cart is a small one man shop in San Diego, California specializing in handmade, unique and custom rustic furniture. Having studied industrial design in San Francisco, the owner brings experience from many fields of design including...

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This company's design combines upcycled wood and metal into rustic and refined works of art. They pride themselves on creating high quality furniture hand crafted in America. Each piece has a great balance of masculine structure and feminine shapes, metal and wood, and old...

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This small business is a husband and wife team from Woodstock, Georgia.  Their rustic basketball goal is the perfect addition to your man cave wall adding a unique touch to your basement area!  The goal is functional, but they would suggest not to use it,...


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