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  This small business is known for having the thinnest acrylic shelf on the market, as the producers of high quality LED illuminated displays that are also programmable through color, dim and motion effects. Their company has been based out of Chicago since 2004....

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This small business has been producing programmable high quality, LED illuminated display products since 2004. They are known for having the thinnest acrylic shelf on the market, at only 3/4” thick, with a standard shelf width of 4.5", but it can be customized...

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This barrel was created by a family-owned company born from the idea and key need to recycle, upcycle, repurpose and reuse. This oak cabinet, crafted from an oak wine barrel, creates a beautiful way to store your wine. The full barrel includes outside/inside painted and sealed, one...

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The creator of the rustic bar cart is a small one man shop in San Diego, California specializing in handmade, unique and custom rustic furniture. Having studied industrial design in San Francisco, the owner brings experience from many fields of design including...

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This US company is located in Albany, New York and is a furniture manufacturer that specializes in customizable tables, barn doors, wine storage, bars and housewares. They build custom hand crafted furniture with many different styles from traditional, rustic and industrial. They provide the...


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