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Problem Solvers

Do you stop and think before you make a billiard purchase or do you just buy whatever you want?  


If you are like most people, you will ask yourself, “Do I really need this”?


A lot of the time, it will be something you want and do not need.  


The next set of questions you ask yourself is along the following: “If I do not purchase this, will I be wishing I did? Is this something that will help improve my game? “Will this help make the game more fun? Will this save me money over time?”


We wanted to dive into our billiard racks a little more to help potential customers decide if they need our rack, so we compiled a list of problems pool players tend to have and a solution to them.


Problem #1: How do I reduce the cloth wear on my new pool table, so I am not having to change the cloth as often?


Answer #1: The Delta-13 racks help reduce the cloth wear on your table by gliding across the felt.  With wood racks, they tend to splinter and create pills on your cloth as they break down from the oils in your hands.  With plastic racks, the molds have imperfections that can also wear and pill your cloth.


Problem #2: I am replacing the pool racks in my pool hall every two years, is there a rack on the market that has a longer life span?


Answer #2: Delta-13 stands behind the saying, “This is the last rack you will ever own”.  They are warrantied against bending, bowing and splintering.  Unless you are abusing your rack, this will be the last rack you will ever purchase.


Problem #3: What do I get Dad for his Birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas?


Answer #3:  If you are looking for a unique, one of a kind gift for Dad, look no further than the Delta-13 racks.  The most unique thing about them is that they can be personalized through color and engraving and they can identify undersized balls!  Your Dad will love racking with our racks and will be so excited to show it off to his buddies when they come over for a pool game or when he goes to play them in a local pool hall.  


Problem #4: How do I get a tight rack?


Answer #4: Our Delta-13 Elite racks are measured on our CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), which allows us to identify undersized balls.  Undersized balls make it impossible to get a tight rack. Due to the high precision of the Delta-13 racks, you can improve your break by moving the smaller balls to the back of the rack to help maintain a tight rack and put more balls in the pockets. Compress the balls as you normally would and move the rack and balls along the cloth. The smaller balls will spin while the other balls stay stationary.  Move the spinning balls to the back of the rack. The goal is to have little or no ball movement, which will guarantee a tight rack.


Problem #5: Playing with pool hall equipment affects my game. How do I improve my game in a pool hall?


Answer #5: Bring your own pool equipment of course! Delta-13 offers a case that allows you to hold their rack, a set of balls and 2 pieces of chalk.  This ensures that your game does not suffer when you play in a pool hall!  Just make sure the pool hall has nice tables and they change their cloth regularly.  


Did you get your question answered? We hope you did! If not, leave your problem with us @TheDelta13 and we’ll give you our best answer!



Why Use Delta-13 Racks?

By having our Delta-13 inventors play pool, we were in search of designing billiard products to not only improve the level of play, but to protect our table fabric, cues, and walls. After extensive market research, we learned that precision and long-lasting billiard accessories were non-existent. A quality billiard accessory is no less important to your game than a golf club or tennis racket is to those sports. After all, what is the most important shot in billiards? The break. 


The benefits include: Center Alignment Marks, Racks All Games, Limited Lifetime Warranty, Maximizes Frozen Balls, Consistent Tight Rack, Identifies Undersized Balls, Reduces Cloth Wear, Personalized Engraving, Ergonomic Grip, Color Options, and CMM reporting on the Elite. See our Infographic here.

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