8 Delta-13 Pool Myths. If you have heard these, don’t believe them!

Pool Myths


1. Hustle People, you can make a lot of money. This maybe true back in the 60s, 70s and 80s, but in 2017, it is definitely harder to do. If people know who you are, you cannot hustle or pool shark anyone to believe you are not a good pool player.  If you always play at the same bar and have tried your hustle trick a few times on newcomers, it’s only a matter of time before you are caught!


2. You won because of luck. You did not win because you were “lucky”, you won because you have skill and are talented and most likely have been practicing.


3. Pool balls are all the same size. Don’t believe that even the top line ball sets are all the exact same size. Different size balls can affect your racking and your break.  It will allow you to not get the tightest rack and can affect your game play. If you use our Delta-13 Elite Rack, you will see just how many balls are undersized.  Learn how to identify undersized balls and still make the tightest rack you can in our FAQ.


4. A rack won’t improve my game. Wanna Bet? Most people don’t know that the most important shot in pool is the break. If you are playing with an inferior rack, i.e. a plastic rack that bows or a wood rack that splinters and breaks down with your hand perspiration, you are affecting your game. The Delta-13 Rack will give you the tightest rack every time as each of our racks are measured to perfection, allowing you to identify undersized balls. Our racks do not bend, bow or splinter, and are guaranteed to last you a lifetime.


5. When you miscue, it is the tip’s fault. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you miscue, it is due to a pool stroke technique or you forgot to chalk your cue.


6. Billiards isn’t mental. The mental side of this game and playing smart plays a big role in a player’s success.  Not only are you pre-planning and visualizing shots in your head way before you shoot, you also need to not let anyone “get in your head”, including yourself as you can be your own worst enemy.


7. Billiards is for men. This is the farthest from the truth as their is a Women’s Professional Billiard Association for the professional women, not to mention countless coed and women’s leagues all over the world. Some professional women you should look into following include; Emily Duddy, Jennifer Barretta, Jeanette Lee, Allison Fisher, Ewa Laurance and Kim White-Newsome.


8. You don’t need good equipment to win or to improve your game. This myth makes me laugh because products have been proven to improve players games. Player 1 has a Delta-13 Rack, McDermott cue, Aramith Tournament Balls and Kamui Chalk and is playing on an Olhausen table. Player 2 purchased a set of basic pool accessories from his local billiard store for $50.  He has a plastic rack, basic pool balls, the lowest grade cue stick, a no-name chalk brand and has been playing on a $500 pool table that he purchased from Walmart. Who do you think is going win a match if they are both at the same skill level?  


These are just a few of the pool myths we have heard and wanted to share. If you have a pool myth we didn’t mention, please tweet it to us @thedelta13!

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